Posted by: gaildennehy | April 26, 2010

Visable from space: the Great Wall of China and….

The KFC logo is now visible from space, thanks to an 87,500 square foot installation near “Area 51″ in the Nevada desert. The company proudly says that this is the first corporate logo to be visible from outer space. Coca Cola, Maxim, and possibly Readymix have apparently made similar claims in the past, which would make KFC’s statement, well, let’s be kind and call it misleading, or maybe slightly ignorant. You know, just like their claims about animal welfare. As non-classified satellite optics improve, this kind of thing will become less and less interesting. In fact, some day scientists may even be able to develop lenses that can resolve a KFC executive’s genitals from space. It’ll take some time, to be sure, because, you know, they’re so friggin’ tiny, but science always prevails. Link.

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